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Sake Coffee is a fully washed coffee processed in the Sake coffee washing station the in eastern province of Rwanda, Ngoma district. Since 2013, this gorgeous and sweet coffee has been the product of the hard work of 2,400 farmers - mainly women.

Sake farm is part of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA). IWCA Rwanda is an NGO that engages every woman in the coffee sector from crop to cup by transforming their lives and wellbeing through strong relationship at regional and international levels. The new washing station gives the women much more ownership within the coffee industry.

"Sake Farm is already an important source of income for people in the surrounding area, both as a market for their coffee and by providing employment. In addition, the smallholder farmers rely heavily on Sake Farm to provide information on improved agricultural practices."
- Marie Laetitia Kayitesire, Managing Director of Sake Farm

NOTES: orange peel and tangy citrus overtones, with a berry jam-like mouthfeel 

350g available

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